Cuban Potluck Dinner

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About this event:

Created by Bev C.

Wednesday, September 12th (6:30pm) 

Open to ALL wanting to participate in a FUN night of delicious food, exciting music, and great fellowship.  Join us in the King of Peace MCC Social Hall to learn a little about the Cuban culture and to enjoy each other in a festive   social setting.  Please research Cuban recipes and select a favorite — any Cuban-influenced entrée, side-dish, or dessert — to bring as your contribution to the “potluck” dinner.   Just for fun, you could also choose to dress in    Cuban-fashion.  Please sign up in advance, noting which table ready potluck dish you will be bringing to share, so we can be adequately prepared for everyone!  This course serves as a component of the Personal Enrichment  curricula for KOPASE.