Human Outreach Team

This King of Peace MCC Ministry provides opportunities to use our resources in support of the community-at-large. Everyone is welcome to participate in HOT projects, whether you’re an “official” team member or not.

About the Team
The Human Outreach Team (HOT) provides an opportunity for KOP MCC members and friends to look beyond the church confines and meet the special needs of people in our community and around the world.

The best part about the Human Outreach Team is our number one priority — ourselves. We agree that to serve our community, we need to take care of ourselves first. There are some very strong relationships that naturally develop in this ministry because of that philosophy. There are many local restaurants that love us because we wind up sharing a lot of meals together.

Here’s a few of the ways HOT helps make a difference:

Feeding the homeless–Every fourth Sunday at St. Petersburg Free Clinic’s Beacon House from 4:00–6:00 pm, the team prepares and serves a meal. This also involves planning meals and shopping for food.

Holiday meals for the Suncoast Center’s Wellness and Recovery

Center–We help the clients and staff at this day facility for the mentally challenged celebrate the major holidays with food and fun at a lunch-time event. These folks are under served and are ecstatic to see us coming in.

Raise funds to surgically correct cleft palates–We solicit donations from our congregation for the Smile Train program to help children around the world lead better lives..

Support St. Petersburg Free Clinic–We collect personal care items, such as deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., (See the monthly suggested items below.) for their clients, and through our Christmas Gift Tree collect Christmas gifts for the residents in their women’s transition house.

Support A Turning Point–We provide food when we can to this homeless inebriate take-in facility, as well as collecting personal care items and clothing. (See the monthly suggested items below), gently used clothing, laundry detergents, and hairstyling through local volunteer stylists.

Heifer Project–We raise funds through our congregation to provide farm animals and training to poor families here and abroad, so they can become self-sufficient and teach others how to do the same. Click on for more information.(This project currently is on hold.)

Family Promise–This program is an interfaith network that comes together to provide shelter for families with children who find themselves homeless. The program currently is under development and the KOP MCC Board has approved housing for families at our church for up to four weeks each year. Click on for more information.

Monthly personal care items collected for St. Petersburg Clinic and A Turning Point (Please drop off donations at the church.)
January – shaving cream and razors
February – shampoo
March – toilet paper
April – hand soap
May – deodorant
June – toothpaste and toothbrushes
July – paper towels
August – feminine care
September – toilet paper
October – hand soap
November – deodorant
December – toothpaste and toothbrushes

A wallet-sized reminder card is available in the church social hall.

HOT Team
The Human Outreach Team at St. Vincent de Paul Center of Hope.


  1. Vincent s. Dibble

    hello. , I wonder if you give foods to HIV and aids Patron , who have no car ! Let me know I trying to find more information , Thank uYou , Bless , Peace ,

    p.S. He live in gulfport , florida.

    1. Jean Ross

      Good afternoon Vincent … Thanks for your inquiry. The Food 4 Friends team does have frozen food available, but someone would need to pick up the food here at the church. Please email me at if someone will be stopping by so I can let the congregational care team know. Jean.

  2. Jean Ross

    Good afternoon,

    Unfortunately we have no information on available rental units, other than what may be listed on our community bulletin board in our Social Hall. You may want to check there the next time you are at church.

  3. Dan

    Realizing that MCC is basically a Christian establishment do you ever have guest speakers or classes/seminars that include other spiritual believes? MCC KC, Spirit of Hope, was/is trying to be more inclusive of persons that are not Christ based. I believe in Christ, but not as my only teacher/Lord and Savior , my Superior Being has placed many teachers in the world for me to learn from.
    Thank you I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Jean Ross

      Greetings Dan … Rev. Brad provides programming and classes which are all inclusive. You should reach out to him direct with your questions. You can email him at


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