Our Guiding Documents

Our Vision Statement

As followers of Jesus, King of Peace MCC will be a community of radical welcome as we passionately celebrate the unlimited nature and power of God’s love.

Our Mission Statement

We are a diverse faith community called to live out the Good News of the Gospel.  In all our actions, we strive for excellence in spiritual growth, personal development, and stewardship so that we can share the blessings of God’s love with the world.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence in Ministry:  Applying tools and skills necessary to manifest dynamic, spirit-filled ministries.
  • Personal Growth:  Building and maintaining a loving spiritual environment so each person may develop and grow in body, mind, and spirit
  • Diversity:  Embracing the spiritually centered truths, unique talents, and personal expressions of each of God’s children.
  • Outreach:  Proclaiming Christ’s message of love, acceptance, and healing for all.

Our Culture Statement

We are committed to using our spiritual gifts to establish, foster, and sustain a culture of love, appreciation, trust, and growth.

Our Covenant of Culture

We are a Christ-centered, spirit-led church called by God to discover and use our gifts in ministry to the world.  Therefore, we commit to utilizing our gifts by committing ourselves to an identifiable ministry in the church.

We are an inclusive and welcoming church.  Therefore, we commit that at all times in our speech, actions, and attitudes in all of our ministries to never demean or degrade any person or group of people.  Our church family will include all people, especially those people who have been neglected, overlooked, and otherwise disenfranchised.

We affirm, respect, and value every individual and the unique gifts that they bring to this community.  Therefore, we commit to create learning opportunities that will equip ministry team members and leaders to fulfill their callings to serve others.

We celebrate each person’s diversity as a child of God.  Therefore, we commit to encourage diversity within our worship service services, social functions, and learning opportunities instead of giving simple lip service to the differences we share.

We trust and respect each other to reconcile conflict and find solutions in accordance with Christ’s love.  Therefore, we commit when conflict arises to refrain from faultfinding and blame and instead seek to work with each other by talking about the situation in order to clarify the conflict.  We will then brainstorm together to create and implement a positive solution that is of mutual benefit to all those involved, in accordance with the principles of our Guiding Documents.

We are a team-based church where each person is a minister, and is called to grow in relationship with God and others. Therefore, we commit to encourage each ministry team to seek God’s will for their work through team discussions and prayer.

We are dedicated to using our gifts for the betterment of the church.  Therefore, we commit as church members to be involved in an active ministry within the church that is supported by our spiritual gifts and health.  We will continue to grow in our understanding that ministry means moving from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality.

We hold ourselves and one another accountable to participate in and to make this culture a reality in the life of our church.  Therefore, we commit in our words and actions to demonstrate, at all times, the love, appreciation, and trust culture.  Whenever it is necessary to “care-front” ourselves or others it must be done with the goal of respecting self and the sacred nature of the relationships we share with one another.


Setting Goals

The King of Peace MCC 2013 – 2017 Strategic Plan was approved by our members and includes our goals and supporting priority actions plan. Please click the button below to see the complete plan.

 [button size=”large” color=”purple” url=”https://churchstpetersburg.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/KOP-2013-2017-Plan-02042014.pdf”]Download the King of Peace MCC – 2013-2017 Strategic Plan[/button]

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