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King of Peace Metropolitan Community Church is a place of radical welcome and joy!

At King of Peace MCC, you will find a vibrant worship experience and sermons that will touch your heart and soul. With over 40 ministries, we want to make it easy for you to become involved in the life and ministry of our congregation through ministries such as Worship, Stewardship, Congregational Care, and Human Outreach!

We are a diverse faith community called to live out the Good News of the Gospel. In all our actions, we strive for excellence in spiritual growth, personal development and stewardship so that we can share the blessings of God’s love with the world. We are committed to using our spiritual gifts to establish, foster, and sustain a culture of love, appreciation, trust, and growth.

At King of Peace MCC, you will find contagious joyful praise, warm and friendly people, and an inviting atmosphere of radical hospitality. We are also a “working church,” offering many programs, Spiritual and Personal Enrichment classes, and events throughout the week.

We strive for excellence in ministry by applying tools and skills necessary to manifest dynamic, spirit-filled ministries. King of Peace MCC supports personal growth by building and maintaining a loving spiritual environment so each person may develop and grow in body, mind, and spirit. Our congregation thrives on its diversity due to our abilities to embrace the spiritually centered truths, unique talents, and personal expressions of each of God’s children.

At King of Peace MCC we proclaim Christ’s message of love, acceptance, and healing for all. We also celebrate our uniqueness and embrace our differences as we affirm each other in hope, peace, love, and joy!

We invite you to become a part of King of Peace MCC, a growing church that is on the cutting edge and located in St. Petersburg, FL.



    Hi! Please add us to the email list…… Thx!

    1. Jean Ross

      Good afternoon and thank you for your interest. We will add your email contact to our King of Peace Matters which is sent out about every two weeks.


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