Pastoral Search Committee





Covenant of the King of Peace Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) 

 Our Promises to God 

  • We promise to pray, alone and together, to thank God and to ask for God’s help in our lives and in our work for our church, and we pray for the strength to act as we listen to God’s answer to us. 

Our Promises to Our Church Family 

  • We promise to support the mission, vision, and values of King of Peace and UFMCC. 

  • We promise to demonstrate our leadership and commitment to our church by our example.  

  • We promise to represent all members of the church body, inclusive of all congregants. We know we are put in place to act in the best interest of our church, not just ourselves or some small group in the church. 

  • We promise to communicate decisions made by the committee with unity.  

  • We promise to support through prayer, encouragement and feedback our church’s leadership and UFMCC staff supporting us in this process. 

Our Promises to Each Other as Leaders 

  • We promise to treat our time in leadership on the PSC as an important gift to our church.   

  • We promise to be in a spirit of mutual respect and care for each other creating a safe space to discuss, debate, and disagree openly. We promise to express ourselves and any concerns clearly, respectfully and honestly, so we are certain our point of view is understood.   

  • We promise to be team players, to listen with open, nonjudgmental minds to the words and ideas of the others in committee, in our church and in leadership. We will allow everyone time to process information and the opportunity to speak whatever their personality or learning style and to refrain from after session communications that undermine our process, decisions or plans.   

  • We understand that the pastoral job search is a sensitive matter and promise to maintain confidentiality and deal responsibly with privileged information, not revealing any information about any candidate to anyone outside the committee structure until such time as officially appropriate. 

  • We promise to use group email and group text as our primary means of communication between meetings. If responses are required, we will attempt to respond within the identified timeframe or if no timeframe is given then within 24-48 hours. 

  • I promise to do my best to attend all meetings, and miss no more than 4 if at all possible. 

  • We promise to ask for help when we need it, to collaborate to accomplish our goals and to hold one another responsible to this covenant.